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Don't Simmer in the Summer Heat

home maintenance Miranda Ferreira July 3, 2024

"The Heat Is On..." 

- Glenn Frey

Summer is here! While the tropical, humid climate might be perfect for beach outings and pool parties, it can make keeping your home cool a real challenge. But don’t sweat it! With a few smart strategies, you can keep your living space comfortable without breaking the bank. Here are some practical home cooling tips tailored for those living in warm, muggy regions.

  1. Optimize your air conditioning. Your a/c is your BFF in the summer. Regular maintenance, such as replacing filters and drain cleaning, help maintain effeciency and prevent backflow. Ensure you have the appropriately sized unit (too small will not cool effectively and too large will cycle on/off wasting energy). Set your thermostat for home and away settings, and possibly invest in a programable unit that will adjust automatically.
  2. Use fans wisely. Ceiling fans are a fantastic way to circulate air and provide a cooling effect. Make sure your ceiling fans are running counterclockwise in the summer to create a wind-chill effect. This doesn't lower the room temperature but helps you feel cooler. Remember to turn them off when you leave the room to save energy. Use the exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathss to remove heat and humidty. Portable fans are always an option for additional support.
  3. Seal and insulate. Check around windows and doors to prevent excessive loss of cool air (and help keep hot air out). Weatherstripping and caulking are inexpensive and effective around windows, doors and ducts. Consult a professional for assessing the correct insulation amounts, especially in the attic where temperatures stay elevated.
  4. Cook outdoors or use microwaves. I know in some states (especially Florida) this can be tricky with the natural nighttime critters. When you have to cook in doors, opt for appliances that radiate less heat or meal plan for items not requiring heatings (such as salads...your heart will thank you 😁). A fourth suggestion is to cook more in the cooler daytime hours, such as early morning or late evening. 
  5. Block the heat. There are several options here: window treatments (curtains, blinds, shades), tinted windows (low-e films or tint), exterior shade (trees, awnings, exterior shades). Some of these will block all light, while others are more useful with blocking the heat while still allowing natural light.

By implementing these practical tips, you can enjoy a more comfortable living space during the peak summer months while keeping your energy costs down. Small changes can make a big difference. Stay cool and energy-efficient as you navigate the tropical heat and humidity! Just remember: complaining about the heat will haunt you in winter when complaining about the cold. 🙃

Have a wonderful 4th of July everyone and stay safe!


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