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The Pollen Is Coming in Fernandina Beach

home maintenance Miranda Ferreira February 5, 2024

The Pollen Is Here: Spring Is On The Way

I was a little bit caught off guard by it: walking past the clubhouse pool, I noticed a film floating on top the water. It was a few minutes into my workout that it hit me. The wrecking ball of pollen coating everything tells me that it is about to get yellow green here. 

It's not really all that bad and is more annoying. No one loves going to the car wash every other day. However, it tells me that soon we will see beautiful blooms, boats, and more beach days. In wanting to take advantage of every second of summer, now is a great time to get the work done to ensure you are not working your summer days away. This blog is meant to bring a few items onto your "radar".

1. Hurricane Prep: Don't gasp or run to the grocery store. This is more to begin strategizing. Don't miss the tax-free hurricane preparedness weekends coming up in the summer.

2. Landscape & garden care: Check out the grower guides through resources like the University of Florida Extension service. These helpful guides are useful to know when to plant, prune and fertilize. The local nurseries are a great resource as well!

3. Pest control: The bugs will be moving (as if they ever stop) when the weather warms up. Talk with your pest maintenance provider to ensure you are treating the interior and exterior, including your lawn, to ensure your peace (and prevent the itching).

4. Air conditioning maintenance: "Murphy's Law" states your a/c will go out on the hottest day of the season when everyone is in town. Service plans are a great way to control unexpected costs, keep everyone cool and increase the longevity of your unit.

5. Pool maintenance: This is a great time to get the pool clean from the winter droppings (leaves, branches) and service equipment to prepare for the busy season. 

6. Home exterior inspection: This is a great time to repair any weather-related damage from the winter, including sealant/painting and removal of winterized plumbing protections. Home washing companies will be getting busy so it's best to get on their schedules early. Don't forget the windows :-)

Keep in mind that different areas of Florida will have individualized items that need to be taken. If on the water front, now may be a good time to check docks and boats. Inland home owners may need more time to de-winterize their homes. The panhandle and northern regions may still have a day or two of light frost before spring truly starts. This is just a list to get you started, and I recommend following up with local experts and vendors.

Have a great month everyone!

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